Matous PokornyMatous Pokorny

office: C4-461, phone: +420 224 352 290
email: pokormat (at)
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My roles at the university:

My work:


I supervised following works:

  • Andrej Suslov – Control system for brushless DC motors (bachelor th., 2015, in Czech)
  • Jan Horky – Elimination of Motion Artifacts from Photoplethysmography Signal (diploma th., 2014, in Czech)
  • Milan Nemy – Long Term Monitoring of Human Body Motion in Area (bachelor th., 2014, in Czech)
  • Tomas Jukin – Design and implementation of a framework for Multi-Agent System design for the iOS operating system (diploma th., 2014, in Czech)
  • Ondrej Slansky – Multi-agent systems as control algorithms in computer games (bachelor th., 2013, in Czech)
  • Lukas Paroulek – Long Term Heart Rate Monitoring Using Photoplethysmography Sensor (diploma th., 2013, in Czech)
  • Pierre-Yves Pelletier – Track animals in cage using camera system (internship project, 2017)

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