SGS14/191/OHK3/3T/13 (CTU in Prague, 2014 – 2016)
Advanced Algorithms of Digital Signal Processing and their Applications

SVK 24/15/F3 (CTU in Prague, 2015)
Colloquium of Biomedical Engineering 2015

SVK 25/15/F3 (CTU in Prague, 2015)
Workshop of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics 2015

SVK 24/14/F3 (CTU in Prague, 2014)
Smart Homes 2014

SVK 25/14/F3 (CTU in Prague, 2014)
Workshop of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics 2014

FRVŠ TO Aa 1126/2013 (University Development Foundation, 2013)
The Development of Instrumentation for the Centre of Assistive Technologies

FRVŠ TO G3 902/2013 (University Development Foundation, 2013)
Telemetrically Controlled Adaptive Model of the Cardiovascular System

SVK 21/13/F3 (CTU in Prague, 2013)
Smart Homes 2013

SVK 22/13/F3 (CTU in Prague, 2013)
Workshop of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics 2013

SGS12/143/OHK3/2T/13 (CTU in Prague, 2012 – 2013)
Algorithms and Hardware Realizations of Digital Signal Processing

SGS11/153/OHK3/3T/13 (CTU in Prague, 2011 – 2013)
The Determination of Hemodynamic Parameters and the Primary Screening of the Atherosclerosis

FRVŠ TO F3a 2177/2012 (University Development Foundation, 2012)
The Mechanical Model of the Blood Circulation

SVK 21/12/F3 (CTU in Prague, 2012)
Smart Homes 2012

FRVŠ TO F3a 2122/2011 (University Development Foundation, 2011)
The Innovation of the X31ZLE Basics of Medical Electronics

FRVŠ TO Aa 1731/2011 (University Development Foundation, 2011)
The Improvement of the Equipment in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

CTU0305913 (CTU in Prague, 2003)
The Movement Parameterization based on the Image Processing

CTU0216313 (CTU in Prague, 2002)
The Optimalization of the Education of the Electronics Circuits and Function Blocks

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